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Q: What is the Company's development strategy?

A: The Company will keep pace with the development trend of technology improvement, market evolution, and industry transformation. Focused on the "electric, networking, intelligent, and shared" tendency in automotive industry, the Company, by deploying innovation chain based on value chain, will spare no efforts to occupy the favorable position and explore transformation and upgrading solution of automotive industry against the background of big data and the reconstruction of industrial chain and value chain in accordance with the idea of "accelerating extension to both ends, and speeding up transformation". Meanwhile, the Company has established market-oriented operating systems and mechanisms to fully mobilize and stimulate internal vitality on the basis of making great efforts to break system and mechanism obstacles that have constrained innovation developments, which injects new vitality to the future development of SAIC.

Q: What's the company's Business plan in 2017?

A: In 2017, insisting on the overall guideline of promoting development while ensuring stability, with efforts concentrated on innovation during the practice of supply-side structural reform by SAIC, the Company will make great efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of economic operation based on current situations by maintaining a sense of crisis and preventing various market risks; carrying forward the spirit of innovation while looking ahead to the future, the Company will sustainably further implement SAIC's strategy of innovation, transformation, updating and development as to consecutively strengthen the core competitiveness, trying to seize the "electric, networking, intelligent, and shared" tendency and firmly push the development of "13th Five-year Plan". The Company will spare no efforts to achieve the target sales of 6.735 million units, with estimated operating income of RMB773 billion and estimated operating cost of RMB 664.8 billion.

Q: What are The main operation tasks of the Company in 2017 ?

A: The main operation tasks of the Company in 2017consist: 1. On the basis of timely reaction of market changes, the Company will seize the opportunities of new product debut and continue to optimize the structure of sales and production, as to ensure economic operation improves steadily and self-owned brand develops quickly, making good use of advantages of new energy and internet products to increase sales volume, optimize structure, improve capability and promote brand image; 2. Striving to grasp the new "four" tendency opportunities with increasing force on both ends, the Company will develop new products through technical breakthroughs, and drive business transformation based on model innovation;3. The Company, at the same of focusing on the improvement of international operation system and resource cooperation, will lower its cost and lift its efficiency by doing well on domestic work, and enhance its capacity for oversea businesses; 4. Emphasizing on safety and environmental protection awareness, the Company will further implement quality improvement activity and strengthen the construction of qualified personnel to improve internal control management; 5. Paying attentions to company value and brand construction, the Company, will improve the communication system for investors and the public, and reinforce market value management in a further step through guarantee of "basic work", implementation of "innovation work" and good promotion of "communication work" by taking as an opportunity the formal implementation of stock ownership plan for key employees.

Q: What are policies of cash dividend distribution of the Company?

A: In 2016, based on total 11,683,461,365 shares, the Company plans to distribute RMB 16.50 (inclusive of tax) per 10 shares, amounting to RMB 19,277,711,252.25. The Company has no plan of converting capital reserve into capital this year. (The distribution plan for 2016 dividends is still to be approved by 2016 general shareholder meetings.)