CPC (Comunist Party of China) building of enterprises

Party building of SAIC Motor:Implement party building based on economy tasks and further strengthen the foundation to advance development.

To strengthen the ideological basis and play a leading role

The core socialist values shall be taken as the important part of ideological and political work as well as cultural building of enterprises. We will achieve "auto production and personnel education" with the guidance of ideology and by playing the role of culture cohesiveness.

Closely follow our goal, turn the development responsibilities to the common pursuit and positive activities of management level and all employees.

Take culture as priority guidance , encourage people to fulfill SAIC Motor's cultural concept and strengthen the cultural confidence and consciousness.

Hold high a banner, put forward a work slogan applied throughout the year for all employees every year.

Keep on studying, build a "four wheels drive"(theme oriented party class , mass party members participating party school, party member hurdle activity, party member pioneer activity ) study platform for all management level people and party members.

The occupational spirit of "Keep Improving"—— a spiritual pillar of the campaign for localization

In the 1990's, the spirit of "Keep Improving"was established in SAIC.

Mr. Wu Bangguo inscribed the four Chinese characters which means "Keep Improving" for SAIC.

4S Cooperation Notion—— a spiritual pillar for cooperation with foreign partners

Study,Sino-foreign JV's interests go first,Standardization,Spring

This notion of Shanghai GM guided it to create a Shanghai record of establishing a factory and manufacturing cars in 23 months.

SAIC Corporate Value——a spiritual pillar for globalization strategy

In September of 2000, SAIC Value was formally announced at the globalization conference of SAIC.

Expression:Satisfaction from customer,Advantage through innovation,Internationalization in operating,Concentration on people

Operation:Satisfaction from customer——Customer satisfaction Campaign, Advantage through innovation——Overall Innovation Campaign,Internationalization in operating——Global Operation Campaign,Concentration on people——Human resources Management Campaign

To strengthen the organization basis and play a guarantee role

Taking the activities to build an advanced party organization and become an excellent party member as an important method and carrier, we will strive to build "visible, tangible, responsive, applicable, evaluable and sustainable" mechanism.

seek to establish a duplicable organization system,seek to establish a duplicable organization system,seek to increase the vitality of organization,seek to develop a routine mechanism

To strengthen the talent foundation and play a supporting role

"Retaining talents with sincere emotions, absorbing talents with wonderful undertakings, tempering the talents with the arduous jobs, cultivating talents in an effective way and stimulating talents with rational systems"

Adhere to the principle of "management level people and talents controlled by the Party"

Accelerate talents introduction and gathering; Enhance the talent cultivation and utilization properly

Talents shall have both ability and moral integrity; Seek to properly create 3 teams (a high-quality operation and management talent pool, a high-quality professional and technical talent team and a high-quality team with skilled professionals)

To strengthen the mass foundation and play a role of cohesiveness

We will actively advocate the principle of "living with dignity, working decently and happily" and boost the morale, initiative and creativity of employees and endeavor to accomplish the following "four tasks".

Give full play to the dominate role of employees in participating the democratic management.

Properly solve the problems employees faced every day.

Appropriately improve the long term mechanism for linking with people and coordinating relationships.

Actively create a favorable enterprise working environment to make employees work decently and happily.